10 Steps to Add Any Downloaded Files To Your Mobile Spotify Playlists

This method will require you to use the desktop or laptop computer where you store you music library files before utilizing any mobile devices.


First, download any available music purchases and add them to your music library (you can typically add files too your library from any location, but it’s important that you save the files to a location that won’t change).

(Mac users only)
Note: You must follow this step or your are likely to have problems seeing new files  show up in Local Files in Spotify.
Make sure the user permissions for your music library folder are set to “Read and Write” for “everyone” (and “Apply to enclosed items...”). You will need do double check this for any new artists/albums you add to your music library, ESPECIALLY if you keep your music on an external hard drive. I have found Mac OS to be pretty unreliable when it comes to maintaining read/write permissions on new additions.

1. Open up Spotify and go to your preferences.

2. Scroll down to “Your Library” and make sure “Show Local Files” is active.

3. Under “Show songs from,” make sure you make active your “Music Library” and also use the “Add a source” button to add any additional locations where you typically save music files you’d like to use in Spotify playlists.

4. Check in “Your Library” in the left column and look for the “Local Files” playlist. Once you locate it, pin it so you won’t have to scroll for it in the future.

5. It may take a while to index your local files if you have a large music library, however, once it’s complete and you’re satisfied that your music files are showing up. Double click a few of them to spot check and make sure they play back. (For huge music libraries it may lag, so give it some time and try a few times along the way)

6. Begin adding any local files to your desired playlists.

7. (I have the most success with this step) Next, for any playlists you’ve added local files to, make sure you activate the “Download” option in the desktop/laptop version of Spotify.